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Palm Beach Tea Party Rally





It is time for Americans to wake up.  There is no time to waste.  Get the facts.  Know our enemy inside and out.  Check our our monthly seminars and learn how to teach and lead others in your community to fight back the right way.  As Mr. Alonso says, “this is a different war”.  We hope that this short video can change they way your are thinking.  So far we have done nothing.  It is time to start doing the right thing, together and organized.


Americans are waking up to the new reality.  The threat of a new strong and deceptive strain of Communism is here, not nearby, but on American soil now and even in The White House.  Tyranny and the 21st Century Socialist model threatens everything our founders gave to us and everything our parents and grandparents fought and died for.   This may be the greatest ideological war ever fought and the price of losing it greater than anything ever lost.


Roberto Alonso offers the hope and experience and most of all, a clear vision of what is and can happen shortly, IF we do not face our fears find the courage to begin the RESISTANCE movement right now.  He has used a plan that has been proven to work.  If we do not listen to him, then we may be doomed to the same destructive legacy countries such as Cuba and Venezuela have faced for decades.  


Americans do not take it well when they have to give up their own personal choices to a group of dictators. Many suffer from the “Titanic Syndrome” and will be shocked when the boat finally sinks and they no longer have a choice of where they can, go, work, or live.  Many will lash out and become confused and agitated.  This does not have to be the case. 


Dictators derive their power from the people, we must learn to play the game to win, yet we lack the basic education to begin the process. Roberto can help us, help ourselves, if we are honest and if we accept our situation, we will remain free, together we will regain America and take control, through resistance work, the hard work that must be done, together  we will secure and restore our republic.



He who wishes for a secure homeland most conquer it; if not, let him live

suffering the whip of eternal exile, running away as wild beasts from one

country to another, begging for freedom  with a hidden smile, feeling the

scorn of free men... as he watches his soul die.”


José Martí






Roberto Alonso’s biography


Download Alonso’s booklet freely:

“Why we Are About to Lose the United States of America to the Claws of Communism”